Inmate attempts to commit suicide inside Mendocino county Jail

On 4-13-2018 at about 3:48 AM, a Correctional Deputy was performing routine cell checks in the correctional facility.  During the checks, the Correctional Deputy noticed a sheet tied to the window grate in a cell.  Upon further look, the Correctional Deputy noticed that the inmate, a 50 year old male, was hanging in the cell.

The deputy summoned assistance and entered the cell.  Once in the cell, the ligature was removed from the inmate’s neck.  The deputy assessed the inmate and found that he had a pulse and was breathing.  Jail medical staff arrived shortly after and continued to assess the inmate’s condition until an ambulance arrived.

The subject was transported to an area hospital for treatment.  After a medical and mental health assessment, the inmate was returned to the County Jail.

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