Man arrested for allegedly making threats against Fort Bragg High School


Suspect: Brandon Williamson of Fort Bragg, 36 Years of Age

As already provided, on November 19, 2019, at approximately 11:55a.m. Officers of the Fort Bragg Police Department were informed that a potential threat had been made directed at Fort Bragg High School by a Custodian employed by the School District.

To clarify questions that have been raised by the Community, as to why the High School was not placed on lockdown, representatives from the School District Administration and the Fort Bragg Police Department assessed the threat and determined that there was no immediate danger to students or staff on any school campus. A few relevant facts that were considered in making that determination and not provided in the earlier Press Release:

  •   The threat was limited to verbal statements.
  •   The statements made by the Suspect to a co-worker were after school hours on

    November 18 and not reported to District Administration until the next day –

    November 19.

  •   The Suspect never returned to campus after leaving work late on November 18.
  •   The Police Department and District Administration confirmed the Suspect’s

    whereabouts immediately after confirming the threat and the Police Department

    then arranged for the “Felony” stop near his home.

  •   No firearms were found in the Suspect’s vehicle during the “Felony” stop.
  •   After the Suspect was taken into custody, the search warrant was served and the

    firearms, rounds of ammunition, high capacity magazines and ballistic equipment was discovered. The search was conducted late in the day on November 19 and it was late evening before the situation was fully assessed.

    The School District Administration first communicated the incident to School District staff early on November 20. Parents were then informed, using several communication channels. The delay in the City’s initial Press Release was timed so that parents would initially learn about the incident directly from the School District and not social media.

Bail has been set for the Suspect, and it is not known at this time if bail will be posted. Please remember that this is normal course in our Country’s judicial system. The firearms, ammunition and equipment taken into custody during the search of the Suspect’s home remain in Police custody.

The case has been submitted to the District Attorney’s (DA) Office for consideration of filing for the appropriate criminal charges. The suspect is expected to be arraigned today. Any further developments on the case will come from the DA’s Office.

Anyone with information regarding this incident may contact Officer Chris Awad at (707) 961-2800 ext. 180, or the Fort Bragg Police Department (Anonymous) Crime Tip Hotline at (707) 961-3049.

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