Man arrested for allegedly making threats against Fort Bragg High School



Brandon Williamson of Fort Bragg, 36Years of Age 422 PC – Criminal Threats

On November 19, 2019, at approximately 11:55a.m. Officers of the Fort Bragg Police Department were informed that a potential threat had been made directed at Fort Bragg High School. Officers quickly verified the information via witnesses, and began a work up on the suspect’s information.

At 1:25p.m. the suspect’s vehicle was observed on the 700 block of Maple Street and a “Felony” stop was conducted. The lone occupant was taken into custody and his vehicle was impounded. Officers prepared and served a search warrant at the suspect’s house in the 400 block of Harold Street where numerous firearms, 1,000’s of rounds of ammunition, high capacity magazines and ballistic equipment were confiscated.

This investigation is continuing as the evidence seized is being inventoried. The case will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office for filing considerations at the conclusion of the investigation.

This action was made possible by the systems put in place by the school district and the quick actions of all involved so that no one was hurt during this incident. The quick resolution to this investigation avoided anyone at the school from being put at risk.

Anyone with information regarding this incident may contact Officer Chris Awad at (707) 961-2800 ext. 180, or the Fort Bragg Police Department (Anonymous) Crime Tip Hotline at (707) 961-3049.

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