Following the Press Release from the Fort Bragg Police Department detailing the circumstances of an incident on November 19, 2019 involving a threat at Fort Bragg High School, Mayor William V. Lee issues the following statement:

I’d like to thank our school staff and our police department for their quick work ensuring that the scene was safe at the High School and the surrounding neighborhood. Following the protocols in place for handling criminal threats on a school campus kept our students, teachers and staff members from possible harm.

Our great police officers, acting very quickly, apprehended the suspect and placed him under arrest. I appreciate our police department’s dedication and law enforcement expertise in these times of increased threats to our community.

I respect Principal Bruce Triplett, our District Superintendent Becky Walker, and her staff for keeping our kids safe and implementing the school’s policies and action plans. Keeping our children safe and our community safe is one of our most important responsibilities and duties.

To view the PD’s press release, visit the City’s Website Press-Releases and click on the release for 2019-11-19.

Questions regarding this information should be directed to Mayor William V. Lee, at (707) 961- 2823 ext. 149.

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